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The Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is one of the heaviest birds that is able to fly. It is a globally threatened species occurring in Austria and Hungary. Since more than 10 years the "Technische Büro für Biologie Mag. Dr. Rainer Raab" is responsible for the conservation project Great Bustard. On this website you can find general informations about the Great Bustard, projects for the protection of the Great Bustard and current informations about the Life Project Great Bustard.

Latest News

On July 18th 2019 a short article about the visit of the Bustard observation tower at the Wartberger church by the regional councilor Schleritzko was published.

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Presentation about the successes of our three LIFE Projects as part of the #EUGREENWEEK.

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In the course of a major press event with Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zolt Semjén, the first section of a medium-voltage power line from NKM in the Kiskunság National Park was transfered below the ground and the last pylon dismantled.

On March 20th 2019 an interesting article about the golden jackal and the influence on the Great Bustard is published in Kurier.

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These impressive photos were taken by our Bustard friend Jozef Chavko from the Raptor Protection Slovakia (Ochrana dravcov na Slovensku). The photos show an imperial eagle in the second calendar year, who was tagged on 06.07.2018 by the TB Raab in the March-Thaya-Auen in coordination with DI Hans Jörg Damm, Director of Agriculture and Forest Wilfersdorf of the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein and the professional hunter Stefan Weeks.
The bird stayed in Lower Austria and the Czech Republic for a long time after the tagging, but was spotted and photographed in the Bustard area Parndorfer Platte - Heideboden on the 2nd and 3rd of February. We hope that this bird will continue to provide many important information to learn more about the influence of the Imperial Eagle on the Great Bustard and to successfully protect both species.

Life LogoLIFE Project
"Cross-border protection of the Great Bustard in Central Europe"Logo Natura 2000


The four project areas.

Austria (AT) and Hungary (HU) have been very active in Great Bustard conservation in the last years. After two Austrian LIFE and LIFE+ projects and one LIFE project in Hungary now both EU-countries want to start together a huge cross-border protection project for Great Bustards in Central Europe.  Based on the great success of the former measures the objectives of this LIFE project are to continue intensive habitat management efforts, reduce the threat of collision with power lines - for many years the no. 1 mortality factor for Great Bustards - and reduce predation. The LIFE project aims to support and maximise the effectiveness of the cross-border protection in Austria and Hungary through coordination of conservation measures and optimal communication.